Our Process

We Work Diligently to Provide You a Stunning Product
Why we want you to understand our Process!

When you hire us, we’ll do all the work in-house. Everything is custom-build from ground up. We strive to ensure that your sastifaction is guaranteed 100%. To avoid any mistakes or misinterpretations, we will work closely with your team throughout the entire process. We’ll always get their feedback and approval before proceding to the next phase. Our goal is to deliver a stunning product that you truly deserve and that`s how we win your trust.

Our Process

StrategyInitial Talk and Conversation

Discovery And Information Gathering

We start off with an initial talk about your business, what your business represents, your goals, objectives, we then create a sitemap. This information gives us enough room to better understand your audience and how to deliver a product that will win their heart!






USER EXPERIENCEPlanning and Organization


In this stage, We’ll start working on the web pages layout architecture. We’ll sketch a blueprint for each individual layout page to help you understand the web pages layout User Interface at an early stage of the project. This process goes hand in hand with the feedback you gave us in the previous stage.

MockupsVisual Appeance with Content


Once the wireframe is approved, we move to the visual aspect call design. This is the phase of creativity, where we start to emulate all the characteristics and attributes of your brand using a style guide. Our designers will create a Mockup PSD using Photoshop for the web pages, together with all the graphics needed by the web developer for the front-end development. During this time, we’ll remain in close contact with you, get your feedback, make any corrections or improvements needed to showcase a stunning design



Build Mobile ResponsiveBuild SEO Friendly

Front-End Development

Once the design is approved, Our Front-end developer will convert the Photoshop PSD into a functional website using  HTML, CSS, and jQuery. They will make sure it’s mobile responsive and functional across all internet browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and their older versions. We’ll then send it over to you for approval and feedback. We may also make any additional adjustments needed before sending it to the backend process.

Build DynamicFramework Development & Setup

BACK-END Development

Now it’s time to make your front-end more dynamic. We’ll integrate the approved front-end into your Content Management System or your chosen framework.   


  • For  most websites, we’ll use WordPress since its ease of use and SEO-friendly nature.  We will teach your team how to have full control over your website after its built.


  • For eCommerce,  we’re  likely going to use Shopify. We prefer Shopify to Woocommerce (WordPress Plugin) because of its security features and its less likely to be hacked as compared to Woocommerce. The only shortcoming of Shopify is that it has less templates compared to Woocommerce. We’ll evaluate your goals and  help you choose the one that suits your business needs well.


  • For Web Applications, we’re likely going to use Laravel since its the most popular PHP Framework and the benefits of using it are so many and unquestionable.



Content Strategy SEO Optimize Content

Populating Content

After the backend is complete and approved, you’ll now have a functional website. Now what? A good-looking website must have nice content, images and graphics. We’ll use the content and images you provided to to populate all the remaining pages. We will also train you how the website works and how you add more content.


  • I Don’t Have Content: If you don’t have content, don’t worry. We have an in-house copywriter that can write amazing content for your website and blogs at an extra cost.


  • I Don’t Have Images: If you don’t have images, don’t mind. We have a professional photographer with all the photography gears needed for any genre of photography. Alternatively, we have access to a paid library of photos, which we can use for your website if a photoshoot is too expensive for you.
Quality AssuranceBugs free and Consistency


We’re close to having a finished product, but first, we have to do a final testing of all the functionalities and features of the website.We will double-check all pages making sure that:

  • They are mobile responsive across devices and major browsers
  • There are no broken links
  • They are Bugs free
  • All plugins or framework are up to date
  • All content and images are SEO optimized.


Wooo..We are Live!Go check out our new website


Hard work has paid off and we’re ready to celebrate with you. We are excited for taking the journey with you till this far. At this point, you’ll have to review and approve all the web pages again after the testing phase. We will have another final training with you and your website will be ready to go live. Our team at ThinKASA will also be very happy for having satisfied all your goals 100%. We will let to you choose your website hosting. However, if you don’t have a hosting or need a better recommendation, we recommend Siteground hosting for small to medium-sized projects, WP-Engine for large-scaling WordPress Projects or Cloud hosting depending on your business needs.

UpdatesMonitor, Security, Backup, Updates and Reporting


Did you get stuck anywhere? Did anything crazy happen with your new website? Did your team forget the website training we gave them? Don’t worry, we got you covered! We are always ready to assist you with your website and also act as your trusted internet consultants. We’ll offer you a free 3-Months Maintainance Plan after launching your website. We will work closely with you to fix anything we might have missed and handle any plugins or framework updates. After the three months, you can enroll for our Continual Website Maintenance Plan so we can continue taking care of the technical aspects of your website while you focus on running your business.

Search Engine OptimizationNeed a boost on the first page of major search engine ? SEO or PPC, we got you covered!


Welcome to the Digital revolution! You made a big investment by building your website. Now, you need more people to visit your site either as a potential leads or to make a purchase. You will realize that traditional marketing techniques are not enough to bring enough traffic to your website. That’s where SEO comes in.

We’ll create a customized Local SEO strategy for your local business, and Organic SEO for your global business. We will utilize our proven SEO techniques to help your business rank on the first pages of major search engines, like Google and Bing. This way, you will reach thousands of potential customers depending on your target keywords. In case you need an instant boost, we can do Pay Per Click marketing using Google ads, Bing ads, and Facebook Retargeting. We will help you run effective PPC campaigns that not only convert but which are also budget-friendly.

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