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Our idea-driven approach helps us to built something amazing for your audience. We want to be part of your next big goals and offer our expertise. The Digital world is our thing: We Breath, Sleep and Dream it. We believe we can surpass your expectations!

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We’ll make sure that we understand your idea and  then work diligently to deliver your project within the shortest time possible.

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Our Experience Counts

We are highly experienced, bringing together more than 10yrs of experience and vibrant youth who are eager to deliver and make an impact!

We Work With You. Stay With You and Help You succeed.

Once we deliver we’ll always be here for you, waiting for your call to support and answer any questions to help grow your business. We know you need a technical consultant, that`s why we are here for you!

About the Founder - Stantely Tansi


I am Stantely Tansi, an experienced Web Expert. My career began 15 years ago. I started by fixing computers in Middle and High school, and then became a Mobile Programmer working for my College. Later, I got into web designing and development. I mastered the necessary skills and became a proficient Asp.net developer, cold fusion developer, and php developer.

Over the time, I also became an expert in Internet Marketing and SEO. I started creating eCommerce store and managing them for my  clients. I also acquired photography and videography skills and started working part-time as a personal brand Photographer and  videographer. My business grew and I started offering drone videography services on weekends.

I realized that I could use all I have learned over the years to help others and that’s how I formed ThinKASA. My goal is to bring in some young talented minds to work with me and together we can deliver something all our clients will appreciate. With my many years of experience, I know what it’s right when it comes to programming, design, photography, videography and intertnet marketing.

I love helping brands with strategies that will make them grow, conquere and dominate the internet. Feel free to contact me anytime, I am always happy to help brands and companies built a successful business online. I also love helping other marketers find success online.

Stantely Tansi
Connect with me at :

If you are not a fun of the normal long administrative  processes,  where you waste time talking to people who don`t understand your needs and later transfer your call to a programmer or an expert, then get back at you, then ThinkASA is for you. We will make sure that your project is done right away. I am going to be that guy, when you ring that phone number at ThinKASA, I deliver what you need immediately !

Consider ThinKASA as your local casual Barbershop guy, that’s always there for you to get you that hair cut immediately. Our processes are short and the results are always amazing!

Stantely Tansi
From the Principal

ThinKASA did a great job on our website for a very competitive price. They gave us a back end to amend the text etc. They also added pages in the meantime that are nicely integrated and offer blog functionality. The ThinKASA team is very responsive, and doesn't have to be babysat to provide a great product.

- Ashley M

Thanks ThinKASA for helping me move some of our Joomla and Cold Fusion websites to WordPress & Shopify, and also training our team with the new CMS. Not only did I have a prompt job delivery, but an eye-catching one also. I cannot thank them enough!

- Hugh Mbaezue

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